6 of the most popular hops

Among more than 100 varieties of this culture there are hop varieties for brewing, which are deservedly popular both among professionals and amateurs who prepare a foamy drink in small quantities exclusively for personal consumption.

Clone 18

Clone 18

Mid-ripening, finely aromatic variety, bred by individual selection in 1936 and is the national standard for aromatic hop varieties. Clone 18 is not high-yielding variety and has a low content of alpha-acids, but thanks to its aromatic properties, it stands as one of the most popular hop varieties…


This is a valuable variety of fine-aroma hop varieties and remains a national standard since 1996. It is appreciated due to the unique composition of bitter substances and essential oils of farnesen type. Slavyanka is characterized by high content of alpha-acids. The content of beta-acids is one…


  Highly productive aromatic Zagrava variety deserves a special attention. By its brewing properties, it can be placed between the famous German varieties as Tradition and Spalter Select. This is one of the aroma varieties, which has the biggest quantity of essential oils with a considerable…
Spalter Select

Spalter Select

It has a mild aroma, resembling Spalter with a little specificity. Fine-aroma hop gives a light, mild and noble aroma, slightly fruity, minty, floral, spicy, earthy, and slightly citrusy. It perfectly holds the aroma while aging. Spalter Select is used as the last additive while hopping the wort,…
Zlato Polessia

Zlato Polessia

Derived by the clonal selection from Clone 18. This hop variety refers to the finely aroma class. The aroma of Zlato Polissya is very soft and fragrant with a little sprinkling of sweet herbal and fruit bouquet due to the composition of its essential oils of farnesen type. It is also identical to…


According to generally accepted international estimates, this hop variety can be attributed to the bitterly aromatic high-resinous hop variety with a ratio of beta acids to alpha acids of 0.5 to 0.6, which characterizes it as a bitter variety. However, the low content of cohumulon in the…



The traditional German variety of fine-aroma hop. This variety belongs to the Saaz group and stands along with Zateckyi and Clon 18. It has good resistance to diseases. Tettnanger is a noble variety because of its aroma and high content of cohumulone in composition of alpha-acids. It has high brewing properties and is considered as double-purpose hop used both for giving bitterness and for flavoring. It is distinguished by high farnesen content within essential oils, up to 34%, which establishes one of the highest rates of all hop varieties. It has a soft and pleasant flavour with balanced aromas of flowers and a slightly spicy, clean and eager taste.

It is used in such types of beer as Belgianstyle Ales, light cask beer, Lager, wheat beer..

Total content of bitter materials 10,0–15,0%

Alpha acids content 3,0–6,0%

Beta acids content 3,0–5,0%

Cohumulone content within alpha acids 22,0–28,0%

Colupulone content within beta acids 40,0–45,0%

Essential oil content, ml/100g 0,5-0,9

Myrcene 20,0–35,0%

Caryophyllene 6,0–11,0%

Farnesene 16,0–24,0%

Brewing value 23,0-25,0%

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